WS Metal Enterprise Setia Alam

Shop name: WS Metal Enterprise

Street: Jalan Setia Prima H

Contact no: 03-3341 7823

Specialized in: Construction works, renovation works, iron works, interior decorator, interior designer, plaster ceiling, extension renovation, balcony railing, furniture works, wrought iron gate, landscaping and etc.

WS Metal Enterprise
WS Metal Enterprise

4 thoughts on “WS Metal Enterprise Setia Alam

  1. Review on WS Metal Enterprise Setia Alam:

    Worst contractor ever, 1 mth job is taking them 3mths (for very minor work which nornally takes about 1mth max – as informed by friends) & yet still delaying!! Lots of excuses given each time we look for them. Very poor planning & management!

  2. Worst contractor with the boss named David. Cheating by giving bad quality stainless steel door with high price. Only got to know abt the bad quality given as the door broke down (Yes, tore into 2 pieces) with only used for less than 2 years. Can you imagine that what stainless steel quality given with the prices of more RM5000? Called to service but yeld at me and said that it is None of their biz. Idiot.

  3. David foo is the owner, team with Zaleha Hassan to do curtain (home based sht work), This moron is fckup, ass licking animal walking, cheating around and talk like God, fat belly, can do anything, just sub-sub-sub CONman

  4. this is one hell of fuck up contractor, blood sucking shit worm. Disgrace entire human race. Bad attitude, uneducated low class worm, treat u with cheap mineral water then quote you “price low”, then forgot this, forgot that, use low quality material, shout at customer. I will not approach David Foo even he do free contractor job for me. Fuck up moron. phone number is 019 3289720.

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