Traffic light improved road safety in setia alam

11th May 2012, Setia Alam.

setia alam traffic lightThe traffic light located at the interchange between Setia Impian and Setia Indah is now official activated!

This area is actually a famous spot for accident, at the point of writing this news release, there were more than 5 accidents happened in the past 3 years. With the traffic light installed, it will be a great help to improve the road safety in setia alam!

Lets work together to make Setia Alam an accident free residential area!

1 thought on “Traffic light improved road safety in setia alam

  1. Has it made a change? I see drivers and motocycles who seem fed up with life and drive across even though the lights are RED.

    Maybe it needs a camera to take pictures of those that break the law at junctions and issue them a harsh penalty.

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