Sky Fitness Center Setia Alam

Shop name: Sky Fitness Center

Street: Jalan Setia Prima L

Contact no: 012-299 1541

Specialized in: Gym, fitness, exercise and etc.

Sky Fitness Center
Sky Fitness Center

Registration fee: RM200 (Life time membership)

Monthly fee: RM100 for unlimited equipment access and guidance from full time trainer.

22 thoughts on “Sky Fitness Center Setia Alam

  1. This is the only gym center in Setia Alam at this moment i guess? Just sign up with them 2 weeks ago, the area very clean but equipment not sufficient from my point of view. Maybe they are still new….

  2. Hi Syasha, the registration fee is RM200 and monthly fee is RM100, you can check out from the details above.

  3. I dont know anything about working there someone that can guide me step by step? Thanks

    1. Hi Wan, i talk to the owner of the center (Mr Panneer) on the same question you have, he told me that there is a trainer with more than 25 years experience will guide you during the training. And this is included in the monthly fee with no additional charge. You may want to find out in details from him with the contact number above.


  4. I’ve just joined the gym this week .. for my opinion, this gym is very comfortable and the facilities very good .

  5. Hi, any special discount for students? Is there aimitation in hour at the gym?


    1. Hi Ros, please contact the owner Mr Panneer directly at 012-299 1541. I believe you can get some discount if you quote directory:)


  6. Hi,

    I would like to know do you also conduct classes such as aerobics, yoga & etc


    1. Hi Ridwan, if the charge doesnt changed, it should be RM200 for registration and RM100 per month for recurring charge. As i understand from the fitness center person in charge Mr Panner, they got a very experience trainer that can guide you through if you are a newbie.

      I suggest to make a call to them to further confirm.

  7. the registration fee of RM200 is very expensive! any way to waive it off? like paying few months in advance or bring in new members got additional discounts? >.<

    1. I think is better to speak to the owner, i think you can get some discounts since they are still new:) This is the time they need to enroll as many members as possible….


  8. is this unisex fitness center ?n wer is this place exactly?i am staying in setia alam u13/5d

  9. I think this is the best gym at setia alam,10 month since i joined i satisfied with the coach and the facilities..

  10. Hi, do you know Mr.Eswaran and Mr.William Choong? I’m a friend of them. Are they working there too?

  11. hey i was wondering if there are any job vacancies available here.i m a 19 year old looking for a part time job.frm 9am to 4 pm.will do any job like reception or cashier of the gym..

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