5 thoughts on “Restoran Sri Melur Jaya Setia Alam

    1. standard price what.
      nothing is less now.
      public toilet also cost 0.30 cent la bro.

  1. Had asked them to take our food order as we’ve been waiting for a good 20min after being ignored few time and later was told to wait another 1 to 2 hrs as they were short of server . The best thing was that the place was not even full ..Stuck up and rude server.Not worth your time plus have you seen their kitchen!!

  2. Service sucks! Ordered curry mutton and got it packed, only got to know the mutton I got was only bone and some tendons on it . Damn PISS OFF!! Before ordering the mutton dish I did ask the cashier whether there are still mutton left and he answered small piece RM 6.50 and large piece RM8.50. I was charge for RM 6.50 for a bone with some tendons on it!!! No honesty in doing business!!! Feel being cheated!!
    This will be my last visit to this mamak stall

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