Resident robbed in Setia Indah 11

30th April 2012, Setia Indah 11.

A few guys in a white color car drove into Setia Indah 11 and banged one of the resident’s car. One of the man from the car was then got down from the car and try to rob the resident. According to the neighbor of this resident, the robbers got nothing from this incident and were apparently scared from the honking sound and house alarm by this resident.

Setia Alam Police was then notified and police report logged, the security guard post raised the security alert and every cars were checked to ensure sticker is available after the incident.

Setia Alam residents are advised to be more alert and to increase security awareness at all time. No one is responsible for your own safety except from your own.

More information can be found in the Setia Alam Facebook group.

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