3 thoughts on “Mr Kaya Kopitiam Setia Alam

  1. I would like to compliant your setia Alam staff very bad
    Service and impolite. Pls call me for more details at

  2. Very unhappy with the services and attitude of the waiters at the sungai buloh branch. They treat you like they are not happy to serve you and don”t listen attentively when taking orders. So when the wrong food is served and we point out to them, they grumble softly and walk away without apologizing.

    The management is not treating them properly i guess. The manager saw that i was unhappy but didn’t bother to come and ask if he could help. The morale of the people at that outlet is very low.

    I pity the investors and owners of the places.

    These staff need training on customer service urgently.


  3. I want to complaint to your Bandar Baru branch.
    Because I breadfast with my family on your branch this morning,
    your staff give us to damage prawn on fried rice cina.
    When I complaint to your staff, your staff not do anything without apologizing.
    Please not let us eat damage food again and not to employ foreign worker.
    I regret and unhappy to your restaurant bad service and immoral.

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