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  1. I would like to feedback on the service rendered by Klinik Mediviron. There’s no problem on the service rendered by doctor, in fact I would say you are very professional. My experience from the time when I push the glass door and went in, there’s nobody attended me until I had to look around and keep on say “hello” & “excuse me”, then only a lady came and attend me. During my “waiting time” in the klinic, I saw this happen to almost all of the patient, some are even worse cause the nurses are standing around the registration counter, and she won’t border to ask the patient and offer help and just leave the patient standing there. I wonder is there only one nurse that can do the registration but not the rest? No matter how, I feel she should attend the patient first instead of letting the patient standing there like idiot. I personally feel the nurse that do the registration are too busy with all the works, she got to walk around non stop, unlike the rest can chit chat near the couter. By the way, another observation during my waiting time, these nurses that won’t border about the patient are very prompt to telephone calls. the moment the phone ring, they will pick up the phone immediately and didn’t even put up their head and look at the standing patient. After seeing the doctor and I have to wait for very very long before I can get my medicine. When I heard somebody called “CHONG” from the dispensary, I was wondering is she calling me and all the medicine only write my sur name “CHONG”. Do you know a lot of Chinese have common sur name, and my surname CHONG is one of the most common sur name for Chinese in the world. This is a very lazy & serious mistake that made by the nurse. What if I have a few family members (they are definately having the same SUR NAME”) go to the klinic at the same time, how are we going to know which medicine belong to who. For my case too, I have to recall back what are the medicine the doctor told me she’ll give me. I belief this is not affecting Chinese only, Malay have very common name like, Ahmad, Abdullah, Muhamad, how are you going to differentiate them? It’ll be very serious if you distribute the medicine to the wrong person. After I came back and spoke to my relative, she’s givng me the same feedback. No problem with the doctor, but the nurses services got to improve a lot. I noticed a lot of the things in the clinic have been computerised, and I would say is very advance too. But if the nurses services are not improved, no matter how advance is your system, your service are worse than those doing manually, which are more prompt and accurate.

    Hope you can look into this and improve further in your service.

    1. i second luna’s comment. Seriously, bad image for the doctor who is really good. Please maintain the standard for the medical industry by upgrading the human factor in servicing the already unwell and grumpy patients.

  2. Dr Indian lady who on duty at 1130pm 25feb2014 was the worst dr i ever experience . Claim that she is polite n concern.do check back your cctv how CONCERN TO HER PATIENT who needs her advise as you called her Educate dr.

    Furthermore that dr said that patient is acting and drama on her sickness,tell me what are the advantage that the patient would have for going to the clinic at 1130pm?? Medical leave?? The patient is a HOUSEWIFE!!! She dosent need any reason to go and see the doctor for any other reason than to check why she feel something wrong in her body!!

    Maybe i shud report to the tribunal maybe??

  3. I agreed to what Luna said about the nurse. I went there on Sunday, like normal practice the nurse will ask you whether we have been there b4. My answer was I’m not so sure. I wrote down the name and nric for them to check. They told me no but they never further ask for other particular eg. address, emergency contact etc.

    Dr Indian lady who on duty at morning 18May2014 was the worst dr i ever experience . First as a doctor, she need to wear appropriate dress. She keep questioning us like I wanna lie about my son illness. At last we walk out without continue the consultation bcos we feel like insulted.

  4. Dont understand u called urself a 24hr clinic but the doc is only available at 8am???. My son have whizzing problem that shld be attended immediatedly but have to wait until 8am for the doc.

  5. I also don’t understand why the clinic called 24 hours…
    The dr indian lady that on duty about 4am 3 jun 2015.. did not has any sense of customer service. She didn’t know how to talk properly to human.
    Whole incident as per below :
    4am.. we arrived at klinik.. we ring the door bell..but nobody open the door.. n we couldn’t heard the door bell sound so we ring the door bell many times. . N we knocking on the door too until the nurse come out..
    K la.. I understand that the nurse just wake up ..
    I m accompany my bf into the consultation room..
    He is having the neck pain n caused him couldn’t sleep. . So he explained the illness to doctor.
    The dr indian lady 1st questioning him “y u didn’t take panadol”. But we don’t have panadol at home. . N of coz looking for doctor for medicine consultation la.. else.. how we going to buy the correct medicine??
    dr indian lady say my bf just having the muscle pain..
    While he is seeking consultation from doctor. . I sit aside n looking at phone.
    The dr indian lady “lectured” me.. by saying “hey miss.. show a little respect la.. if u wan to play phone, play outside”
    What the hell…
    You thought I’m so free wake up early in the morning n knock at klinik door n just wanted to listen u scold me ar?
    This dr indian lady… didn’t show her smile. . This one.. I don’t mind. . But somemore lectured us n throwing back the question to us..
    Omg.. is it doctor nowadays don’t have a little patience? To me… if u.. dr indian lady, not capable to work night shift, u can no need to work.. don’t force yourself, don’t spoil the good name of klinik mediviron, last but not least. . Don’t spoil the good being of Medicine doctor!!!!!

  6. Hello, saya ingin share pengalaman saya buat x-ray dekat Mediviron before untuk sambung belajar. Layanan doktor ok for me dan sangat berpuas hati. Tapi layanan staff sangat mengecewakan dan percakapannya sangat kasar. Maybe this is the last time saya buat x-ray dkt klinik ni. Harga x ray juga cecah ratusan ringgit sedangkan hospital salam dkt shah alam hanya puluhan ringgit. The conclusion is tolong hormat pesakit dengan baik walaupun staff ada masalah. Be professional.

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