Gas Delivery in Setia Alam

Out of gas supply when cooking? No worries, call the following gas providers to get a full tank of gas delivered right to your door step!

1. Caltex one (red tong) @ 012-2885021

2. Meru gas @ 019-2746349 or 03-33925601

3. Shell gas @ 019-2456197

4. Azam Mini market


* If you are a Gas provider for home use or business use, please use the “contact us” form to get your business published in this page.

3 Replies to “Gas Delivery in Setia Alam”

  1. No. 3, Shell gas skrg dikenali mira. Servis teruk. Janji hantar tgh hr tp pukul 3.30 ptg tak sampai2 lg. Nk keluar rmh pon susah tunggu capati dtg.

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