1 thought on “Evergreen Hair Saloon Setia Alam

  1. I will never ever step into Evergreen saloon anymore. I waited for one year to perm my hair. I had a digital perm but it turn out bad. Hair not curly enough and the curly has not strength. Maybe the hair is not dry enough, therefore the curls turns out not curly. I paid RM300-00 and sat at the saloon for almost 3 1/2 hours but it turns out badly. I thought Evergreen is a very professional and good saloon as they sell Loreal and Keratese products but the hair stylist is not professional and poor in performance. I think any saloon “X” outside can do better. I really regret going to Evergreen. Money wasted, no curls and cant even do anything to my hair except to cut and let it outgrown.

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