1 thought on “EON Bank Berhad Setia Alam

  1. Dear the Branch Manager,

    I would like to make a complain on behalf of my brother . He had sold his apartment ( EON Bank) in 2011. His loan had been settled by the new buyer bank. He had been waiting almost 3 months for your bank to issue the R & R so that his lawyer can advise the new bank to pay the redemption sum to him.
    My brother had made a $ 11,000.00 loan 2 months ago to settle his personal matter , with an assumption/hope that he can settle the loan with the redemption money . However after been waiting for 3 months there is no news from the officer in charge . It is quite embarrassing for my brother for not being able to settle the 11k loan as promised . He just lucky that he did not make a loan from a loan shack otherwise he might just not feel ” embarrass ” of not being able to settle the loan on time . I really hope you can help him out from this circumstances .

    Concern sister – 012-3157043

    My brother name : Muhammad Sani bin Abu Bakar – 012-3720840

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