Davi Consultant Setia Alam

Davi Consultant Setia Alam

Business name: Davi Consultant


No.48 Jalan Setia Impian U13/7E, Seksyen U13, Setia Alam, Selangor.

Contact person: Ms. Mala

Contact no: 0173503257

Specialized in:

Early Intervention programme for children, educators and parents
  • Innovative Child Minders Workshop
    • The objective of this programm is to give insight and provide education on the proven method s of child development.
  • Multi -Sensory Experiential Learning
    • The objective of this programme is to raise awareness of the importance of early intervention in young children.
  • Role of Parents in the 21st Century
    • The role of Davi Consultant is to educate parents to understand the stages of growth and the positive influence of the adult role in the child.
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